1 Girl 1 Pitcher

What is 1 Girl 1 Pitcher?

1 Girl 1 Pitcher is a movie depicting a man and a woman involved in drinking pee and eating poo. The movie contains footage of girl with her arms tied and a man holding open her vagina. She urinates into a pitcher being held by the man. After the girl partially fills the pitcher, the man holds it to her lips. She drinks deeply and consumes all the urine. The man also urinates into the pitcher and the girl drinks it. The video ends with the man pooing on the girl’s mouth and face. The 1 girl 1 pitcher site has obtained moderate popularity but has not yet achieved the mainstream acclaim of other shock site mainstays such as 2 Girls 1 Cup and Tub Girl. The identity of the 1 girl 1 pitcher actress and actor is presently unknown - they are believed to be German. There are a number of interpretations of what this artistic video means. Most likely it is a statement about limited water resources in the developing world. Please do not try drinking excessive piss at home, it may not be good for you. Do send this site to your friends!


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